Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Weird Spring

Playing on the trail during 3 day rain storm.
Between late snow storms, unseasonably cold weather and more rain than the ground can absorb, it's been a nasty spring. everything is 2 to three weeks late, the tree leaves, the daffodils, everything. And the peepers, those little frogs that usually only sound off for a couple weeks have been going non-stop for more than a month. It's insane. I only got to plant my first vegetable seeds; snow peas, spinach and lettuce on May 1st. They finally sprouted a week ago. My daffodils did look great till the hail storm a couple days ago. Still, it could be worse, at least there hasn't been a tornado.

But Luna and the puppyman Ziggy are fine, Luna is here right now snoozing on the sofa after she unceremoniously dumped Ziggy at Uncle Butch's house. She's been doing that a lot lately, runs over there with him and then comes back home after he jumps on the door to their house to be let in. She's a sneaky girl who I think just wants to have some alone time with me.

I took them to Jewell Lake last week on what turned out to be a cold blustery day. Luna chased sticks into the water But Ziggy only waded in a little bit. I don't think he can swim yet.

Ziggy is 30 pounds now and has most of his adult teeth, his canines are finally starting to grow in, too. I'm starting to think he is going to stay on the small side though at only 4 months it's hard to be certain.

But it does look like he's learning not to chase the chickens. I keep a watch over him when they're all out together and he's being a very good boy.

Ziggy watching the chickens.

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