Tuesday, February 16, 2010

It's the Winter Olympics

Been watching the 2010 Winter Olympics. Been pretty interesting, didn't really paid attention to the last one or the world championships in between. what I've found nice was while it would be cool if an American won an event, I'm enjoying it more just watching athletes perform their best. I thought the Chinese pairs in ice skating who won first and second last night were wonderful. It's too bad the gal in the snowboard cross from the USA got disqualified in the semi-finals, but the winner turned out to be Canadian and since it's in Vancouver, "the crowd went wild"!

Oh, the poor skater from France just fell more than once. He looks devastated. Neat, the third Japanese skater skated to music by Jimi Hendrix. Did a good job, too.

I'm taping the skating events for my neighbor because she doesn't get the channels showing them.

There's been a lot of rain in Vancouver which has been messing up the skiing events. Lack of snow is something we've been having here in Michigan, too. Been a dry warmer than normal winter for here.

Well, so much for the Olympics.

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