Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Well, Well, Well Massachusetts!!

I didn't think it would happen but a Republican beat the Democrat in the special election senate race for the late Ted Kennedy's seat. There hasn't been a Republican senator in that state since Edward Brooke, the first African American in the senate. Hopefully, this will make it a little harder for Reid and Pelosi to ram a health care deal down our throats without actually THINKING about the ramifications. I know that's a lot to ask for from any politician, but I'd like to believe a few of our elected officials actually care more about the public than whether they can have nice cars and planes and perks and pork etc.

Now the question is will they try to ram it down our throats before the new senator is seated? Or play something other than dirty politics?

Yup, I'm jaded against politicians. There ought to be term limits.

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