Saturday, August 1, 2009

My New Laptop is Here!

Three days earlier than expected! It arrived in a nice little box with a handle. I signed for it, popped it out of the box. plugged it in, turned it on and followed the instructions on the screen for registering, etc. Setting up the wifi network connection was a pice of cake, too. It searched for it, found it, I typed in the password Hal gave me and boom, I'm on the network and then online.

Now if I could only find reasonably priced broadband around here as there isn't any DSL or cablemodem service available. Doesn't look good, either Alltel for $60/month, Directv for $50, or HughesNet for $60. Dial-up is slow but it's only $10/month. I guess we'll be suffering out here in the sticks a while longer.

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