Friday, August 14, 2009

Mid August Update

Summer is back again. It's trying to get into the 80s and it hasn't rained in a couple days. The mosquitoes are thick especially at night down at the hutch run. I just hope the birds aren't getting sucked dry. They seem okay every morning.

I'm again using my new laptop. It's very nice. It took a week of trying and one email but the registration process for Windows 7 free upgrade I was promised finally worked. So when it becomes available supposedly I will only have to pay shipping and handling to get my upgrade disk.

We bought a large dehumidifier 2 days ago since last year's died last year. I got tired of buying a new one every year from the big box stores so went to a real appliance store and purchased a heavy duty one. The basement humidity was 75% and things were smelling musty. It's dropped to just over 60% which is much more comfortable. And now things in the basement pantry like flour won't go moldy. Hopefully, that hasn't already happened.

Mrs Duck's 3 ducklings are hanging out on the pond every day. And now Mrs Duck has 8 new eggs as of yesterday. She hasn't started sitting yet but I hope I get some more girls. In this photo you can see Mrs Duck behind the other 3. The smallest white one is the female.

Hal's off to his camp now to finish planting the food plot he started yesterday. I need to mow the lawn before he gets back. Should have dried from the morning dew by now.

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