Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Nothing Much to Say Post

I can't think of anything to say. I feel I ought to say something since it's been 2 weeks since my last post and still I haven't even filled out the one about my Florida trip. I did finally download the photos to my computer but that's as far as I got.

My 4 guinea keets are doing well, they've been moved into the brooder in the garage. They were unsure what to do with all the space. Next week my eggs in the incubator should hatch, hopefully with more success than last time. There are 36 chicken eggs and 6 guinea eggs. I candled 3 this morning, one chicken egg was clear, 2 others were dark. It was really hard to tell if anything was alive, I need a stronger flashlight.

I also will be picking up 20 chicks at the feed store next week, 10 meat birds and 10 silver laced wyandottes. So if nothing of mine hatches I'll still have some new chicks.

I've sort of started a weight loss program. I haven't stopped overeating quite yet but I have started walking longer and lifting free weights this week. I gained 14 pounds on my vacation.. That's what happens when one spends 10 days eating without exercising! I hope to lose 2 pounds by my birthday in 2 mnore weeks.

The weather has inmproved finally, too. Mostly 60s and some sun. Some days it's hit the upper 70s. Not a lot of rain, don't know if that's why I haven't found many morels. I'd heard it was supposed to be a bumper year for them. Haven't seen that around here. No idea where those who predict such things get their information. The one batch I cooked up tasted really great though.

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