Thursday, May 21, 2009

Keet Found!

This morning Hal thought he heard peeping coming from the garage which is under the bedroom. I didn't hear anything but he went to investigate. He told me he checked the 3 still in the brooder and they weren't peeping so just stood there quietly till he heard it again. He quietly walked over to the door directly under the bedroom and there he was a foot away from it. He tried to escape as Hal got closer but walked toward the back wall where there was less light and sat there till Hal grabbed him and popped him back into the brooder. He's going to rig something to make the spaces narrower to prevent further escapes.

I think I neglected to mention my lone Muscovy duck is setting on a nest of 7 eggs also in the garage. She hisses dramatically if you get too close, but she's been there for over a week now. I hope these hatch because having only one pair is not enough in case of future accidents. The eggs hatch after 35 days so it will be well into June before I know.

And today there are now 5 hatched chicks and another pipped. Fingers still crossed that I'll get some more before we open the hatcher tomorrow.

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