Wednesday, May 20, 2009

New Chicks

I went to my feed store to get my new chicks this afternoon. They only had my Cornish Xs. The Wyandottes won't be in for another week. But I took these little guys home and put them in the brooder, made sure each had a drink and pointed out the food. They're going to town now. In 3 days they won't look this cute and fluffy, these guys grow fast!

I was hoping to have some hatched chicks to put in with them but though this is day 21 there hasn't been a peep from the 24 eggs remaining. I just added 12 fresh eggs to the incubator. Maybe those will have better luck in 21 more days.

Found one of the guinea keets on the garage floor, too. They can squeeze out through the bars of the brooder. I put him back in, hopefully they all learned a lesson.

Temperature outside hit 88.5 today, this after a frost and a freeze 2 and 3 nights ago. Nutty weather. (Final temperature his 96.4 today!)

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