Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Spring has Arrived

At long last spring is here. We've had teasers, a nice day here and there, then cold weather as we had last weekend when it couldn't get out of the 30s. Today we reached 70f, it's very breezy, but you can't have everything. A few days ago the crocuses finally broke through the ground and the daffodils should be blooming in another 2 weeks.

Check out today's photo of the pond with one I took exactly 2 weeks ago when Luna could still run around on it. She's picking up her flying disk.

The ducks are also very happy having quite a bit of open water to play in. The 2 rouen gals are braking skim ice on the right while the 2 boys have duck butts pointed at the sky looking for good things to eat. My female runner is in the garage sitting on about 21 eggs. In a little less than 3 weeks there might be little ducklings floating on this pond.

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