Monday, February 4, 2008

Luna Gives Me a Scare

While walking through the woods the morning, she stuck her nose into the snow, doing the usual doggie thing. Then she lifts her head and blows through her nose to get the snow out, I assume and instead sprays blood onto the snow. Then she runs ahead and does it again, and again, and again. By this time I was fairly frantic and made a beeline to the house and called the vet. One hour later (it's almost an hour drive) the doctor was looking her over, checking for "spots" that could mean "something" but which she didn't have so I guess it's unimportant what that something is, checking her breathing, her throat, the end of her nose, gums, etc.

He's not sure what caused it (of course, it hasn't happened since I called for the appointment), it could be a twig up her nose, an abscess, tumor, etc. He took 3 vials of blood to check for blood diseases, I'll find out those results tomorrow. All I know is it isn't her lungs, wrong symptoms. She is as bouncy as ever, eats well, drinks water. Everything is "coming out" okay too. There was just this blood spray that I can't explain. A bit nerve wracking.

Before the blood spraying episodes, I had taken my car into Lincoln to get a loose heat shield re-secured so it wouldn't rattle against the exhaust pipe and sound as though my car was falling apart. When I got home, both Rocket and Luna were outside in the front yard. I went up the stairs and found a large spot of blood in the snow. At that time I thought one of them had cut a foot. Luna had a cut pad last week that was bleeding so I took both dogs inside and checked feet, teeth, ears and bodies for injuries. I couldn't find anything and was quite perplexed. I was worried that the pills Rocket is on might finally be affecting him badly so I held back today's dose until I could talk to his vet tomorrow. Then we took the walk and the nose spraying ensued. Solved that mystery, only to reveal this new one.

Now I also have to wonder if the blood I found by the garage door a couple weeks ago was related to her nose or her foot? Because at the time I couldn't find a cut foot, though it was obviously cut a couple days later. If it was her nose, that means this has been going on longer. Who knows if she had bouts while out in the yard while I wasn't watching. I expect I'll be worrying for a while longer before this gets figured out, if at all. I sure hope it's not serious.

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