Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Batter Boards and Post Hole Marking

A couple days ago Hal and I started marking post holes with orange spray paint. We ran out and had to quit till he bought more the other day and finished them up himself. Yes, he's walking around again, the gout that delayed him for 3 weeks has mostly abated, and he's back to work.

The first day we marked the holes we had the pups with us. Even though the weather was so hot it was hard to get them to stay in the shade of the golf cart. I turned the well on and let it run into the ditch for their enjoyment but I had to take them there several times as they wouldn't leave my side. Though I know they liked being with me and not alone at home I left them home yesterday. They will stay home until this hot weather breaks.
Hot Luna and Ziggy
There are a lot of post holes and we will be renting a skid steer with auger to dig the actual holes. Unfortunately 12 of the holes have a 36" diameter and we can only get a 24" auger around here so the sidewalls will have to be widened by hand. He will probably hire the grandson of Mrs J to help with that.
Back wall holes marked
In the meantime we managed to place 3 batter boards. I cut the lumber into 30" and 36" pieces, we both used the manual post hole digger to dig holes to a depth of 18" and, as you can see, screwed the long piece to legs using the shorter pieces and buried them in the holes. Two sets of these must be placed perpendicular to the walls at each corner of the house. We will run strings around them to square up the walls. We need at least 12 of these but it is very hot, humid, and in 4 hours we only got 3 done. There is one in the back of this photo on the left side. The weather isn't any better today but now that we have a system down, maybe we can manage a few more.
batter boards at the northeast corner

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