Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Had built me a meat smoker a couple weeks ago out of an old 24" Kenmore smoker he got from a brother. He cut a whole in the bottom for a burner from another stove and wired it to the back panel. He drilled a hole in the side to stick a temperature probe through. It's been tricky to keep the temps in the right range, there seems to be at least a 20 degree swing no matter how we set the burner and oven element, but we've made some pretty tasty things so far using chicken parts and store bought brats. Here is a photo of our first brats from Johnsonville and apple wood chips put in a tinfoil covered pan set on the burner.

 Since then Hal has connected another old oven to this one with a vent pipe for a try at cold smoking fish in the future. This little oven just gets too hot to smoke fish.

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