Saturday, May 30, 2015

Birthday Interruptus

Hal and I were planning on going to the White Pine National golf course bar and grill for dinner yesterday but he woke up with a sore throat and a head cold. Instead I ended up over at a friend's house while Hal napped. I didn't have Luna and Ziggy with me because it was hot and humid and I was going to the store to pick up chips and come right back, plus I had texted and called him and gotten no answer so assumed he was out. But just outside the store I got a text saying he was indeed home so I wandered over for a visit with him and his 2 dogs.

It was a lot quieter without Ziggy begging for treats and attention, sorry to say, Ziggy, but you can be such a whiner! We told stories, had a few beers and had a great time. There was much laughter. Then I went home, cooked the bacon and cheese brats, had the chips with French onion dip, orange sherbet for Hal, butter pecan ice cream for me and watched the movie I rented, Her. It was an okay movie, thought I would like it more but it was a little slow.

Still turned out to be a better birthday than I expected. Dinner out should be some time next week.

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