Friday, March 22, 2013

Home Improvement

We are continuing improving our house this year. Though I am still stuck on what to do about the kitchen counter we are merrily moving along on other improvements. We've selected the new vinyl flooring for the kitchen/living room/dining room space. It's made by Congoleum and is called Terrace Midnight. It's from their Luxury line. Not quite the most expensive but not bottom of the barrel either. I picked up samples from the local appliance/flooring store 3 different times and these were the final 2. Both Hal and I could go with either sample but decided on the left. The one on the right is called Iced Mocha. The photos aren't the best but better than the other ones I took. We'll be ordering when the store has their semi-annual sale at the beginning of April.

Another thing we bought this week, though it doesn't qualify as home improvement, was to buy a pair of recliners for the living room. Hal's old La-Z-Boy is more than 20 years old and has been repaired so often it no longer rocks or swivels. The material held up fairly well which was nice and probably why he was so reluctant to buy a new one. However, we hit that on going grand opening sale at the Art Van in Alpena and got a pretty good deal on a pair of cheap store brand recliners. I am certain they won't last more than 10 years but we got 2 for the price of a new La-Z-Boy.

The left chair, mine, looks a little squashed but I think it's just the camera angle. Though it's possible being on the low end of the quality scale there is something bizarre about it. Feels fine when I sit in it though.
I ordered "fern green" as the color and I swear the color I got, though the box says "fern", is not the color of the model in the store. It appears more gray-green. I suspect their current batch of material is from a different dye lot. No big deal it's still a nice color and should go well with the new floor. It's also nice that I now have my very own recliner. My favorite gliding rocker and foot stool now sits off to my right.

Another interesting little tidbit are the concealed pockets under each arm. There is a cup holder on each side and on one side a pocket for magazines or remotes and on the other buttons for massage and heat.

So that's it for spending money this week. Later this year we hope to put on new roof shingles and fix the wrap around deck which has rotten boards and iffy joists holding it up. I will be sure to post photos when things heat up.

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