Thursday, August 2, 2012

Summer Photos

I've been pretty busy, or perhaps just pretty lazy, but rather than waiting to think of something to say I'll just post a few photos I've taken in July.


This is the first time I got decent photos of fireworks. I used the burst mode rather than the camera's fireworks setting which was too slow. These were taken over Jewell Lake in Barton City, MI.

The next photos of the dogs were taken at Negwegon State Park on Lake Huron. My dogs Luna and Ziggy and a friend's 7 month old puppy, Princess.

Ziggy and Princess racing in the waves.

Luna enjoying a roll in the weeds.

All 3 dogs wrestled a lot that afternoon.

More playing in the water.

Hal created a new vegetable garden across the driveway from the house. It's small yet but in a much better location than the one on the hunting property which relies on rain water of which there has been very little this summer. This garden has cucumbers, zucchini, tomatoes, 1 watermelon and scallions on the inside and pie pumpkins on the outside. I don't know if it's the excessive heat or simply poor soil or a combination but I have only 1 pumpkin out of 9 hills, the watermelon plant hardly grew, only half the zucchini have fruit and the tomatoes also have few fruit. It probably didn't help that I selected varieties for northern climes this year. Of course, the one hot wather variety I got, Big Rainbow, hardly has anything either.

My new vegetable garden across the driveway.
This photo was taken from a pontoon boat captained by one of Hal's younger brothers. His wife and I rounded out the crew. We really enjoy the pontoon rides.
Sunset on Hubbard Lake, MI

Hopefully I'll post some more photos soon. After all I have lots of poultry plus 9 new ducklings just hatched. And next week I should receive the new camera I just bought. Usually that will result in many,many new photos as I learn its ins and outs.

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