Friday, June 8, 2012

Chicks,Chicks and More Chicks

I've got a few chicks now, the ones that arrived in April, still have 22 out of the original 26. Eleven Blue Andalusian and 11 Golden Buff. Of the GB's I'm only keeping the 5 hens for layers. The 6 roosters will be heading to freezer camp once they get a little bigger.

The BAs I think I'll keep one blue rooster and 3 of the hens, all blue. I actually have someone interested in buying 2 of these hens, a blue and a splash (white) and 2 roosters, the black one which is very pretty and a blue since I have 3 blues. The extras will, of course, be dinner.

These little guys are my newest chicks and arrived on a truck from the Saginaw Post Office around 5 pm on Tuesday. That was rather unusual, as I generally have to wait till they arrive the next day on the regular mail truck to my local post office. But this gal from the Saginaw post office drove 2.5 hours to bring me and 4 other people in the area our chicks. I can only assume this happened because there were so many of them and won't necessarily be repeated, but it was good that the chicks only spent one night in transit.

One of the chicks was in distress and died within a few hours, another died in the night. Had another that was acting oddly, disoriented and would drink like mad when I stuck him in front of the water. Figured he was a goner but he's still hanging on. These chicks are Dominiques, the black ones, Buckeyes, Dark Cornish (2 of these died) and Blue Laced Red Wyandottes. And that's all the birds I'm planning on this year.

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