Friday, September 30, 2011

My New England Vacation - Part 2

After getting into the house Tuesday night, (GF was already asleep) we pretty much also went to bed. There was only one guest room and we shared a bed. Suffice to say, I ended up on the sofa after a couple hours, due to various incompatibilities. The next day we went out and had a nice lunch at a place called Brittany's just over the border in Northboro. SIL had a crab meat sandwich wrapped in a tortilla, I had a Monte Cristo sandwich. Very tasty. Then we found an Ocean State Job Lot and bought an air mattress for the empty dining room. That took care of sleeping arrangements. We also bought a few other things, it's a cook store.

After work on Thursday GF, SIL and I left for Cape Cod and her family's beach house. Traffic for the Labor day weekend wasn't too bad though we did run into traffic for the Patriot's game in Foxboro. Now that it's 3 weeks later, I can't remember if we did anything when we got there that night other than watch TV, walk dogs (GF's dog Kimba and her sister's dog Kai were staying there with her dad), perhaps have some dinner? We got there around 9 pm, so who knows what we did?
Kai on the left, Kimba on the right.

But for the next four days we had a blast! There was lobster one night at a friend's house. we brought a Michigan wine. There was lobster at restaurants, there was clam chowder, lots of clam chowder! The best I had was at a place called The Skipper.

Some of the places we went were Dick and Ellie's Flea Market in South Dennis, MA. That was fun, I bought a rubberized rain coat, been wanting a new one of those for years, and there is was, my SIL actually found it for me. I also bought a cool looking straw hat, made me look very beachy, a colorful floor runner for my hall made out of 98% recycled plastic. A pair of earrings, a small costume ring supposedly from the 1940's and a faux Chamilia bracelet with lots of dangly stuff.

Saturday we tried to go to the beach but the winds were gusting to over 25 mph, last vestiges of Irene, so we gave up barely two hours into it, it was warm but not fun getting sand continually blown in our faces.

Sunday we stopped at the National Seashore for a short hike on the way to Provincetown, at the tip of the cape taking my BF's sister with us.  Again, a great time with more chowder, lobster, shopping, checking out the sights, etc. On the way back we stopped at the Truro Winery for a tasting, bought a couple bottles, it was rather pricey, definitely a touristy kind of place.

View form hiking trail at the National Seashore

Provincetown with the Pilgrim Tower in the background.
Monday was the day we were leaving but we did a few more touristy things, one was a visit to the Monomoy Wildlife Refuge. Then we climbed an old stone edifice called Sago Tower. But this is enough for now, I'll post more photos another time.

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