Friday, September 30, 2011

Hell of a Couple Weeks

Haven't been in the mood to post more vacation stuff. Ended up with massive out ear infections in both ears a few days after my return. Horrible, horrible pain, even Tylenol -3's did not help. A fever closing in on 102 degrees. It came on fast on a Monday and of course, worsened that night. Couldn't see my physician's assistant till Tuesday afternoon. She put me on one antibiotic and ear drops, 10 in each ear twice per day. I ended up going back 2 days later because I had no relief in my left ear. She had to put a wick into that one to get the drops into the canal, it was completely closed up. Plus I got a second antibiotic. That finally did the trick but I was wiped out physically and my energy didn't return till today, almost 2 weeks later.

Then 2 nights ago I was stung by a bee on my ankle while walking back from Uncle Butch's with my dogs. I took 2 allergy pills, cleaned the spot and applied hydro-cortisone. It didn't really swell up or bother me very much till today when my ankle became red, hot, swollen and painful to the touch. So back to the doctor's office, and saw a different PA since mine has Friday's off. She cleaned it, put me back on antibiotics and after checking my ears decided it wouldn't hurt to do more drops for another week.

Do I even want to mention my neighbor's little dog Ernie, who decided to play eat my tire while backing out of his driveway? After rushing him to the vet doing 80 mph on back roads, they determined no broken bones, and the huge swelling in his groin is probably a hernia that will need surgery when he recovers from the initial trauma. I sincerely hope that this will teach Ernie to chase cars no more!

I need another vacation.

Good thing I have one coming up next week, assuming I live that long!

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