Monday, December 7, 2009

Ducks in the Coop!

I managed to tempt two of the ducks into the coop run today. The other duck was more difficult and flew to the roof of the house. When I went out to close up the coop door after dark I found the duck sitting on the deck. I herded him toward the coop and after a lot of feinting, got him inside, too. Now all my birds are together in a much safer building which has done a lot to give me a feeling of relief. I just checked the temperature outside and it's down to 17.6f! Plus there's a snow storm on the way. I hope they don't mind too much, but they aren't getting out. No point with the pond frozen over.

Today Hal made tire chains for the rear wheels of the mower. It moves so much better through the snow now. We were able to move 3 loads of firewood. Then we had hot chocolate.

I think I may sleep pretty well tonight.

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