Saturday, October 31, 2009

Devil Dog


Happy Halloween. Never cared much for the day, and this is purely coincidence but as usual Rocket came home from Uncle Butch's house around 9 pm. Luna comes too, sometimes earlier, sometimes later, sometimes together. Tonight she didn't appear at the door. It took a while but then I thought, maybe she's done it again.

Yes, there she was, inside the chicken coop run. She's done this several times in the past month and she sits there and doesn't say a thing. She's crawling nnder the back fence and can't get back out the same way. One night she must have been in there for 3 hours.

Little idiot! But she got back at me tonight. It's been raining for days and she was sitting in wet chicken poop. I didn't realize it until she came in the house and sat on the beige carpet. Now there are chicken poop butt prints everywhere!

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