Sunday, January 4, 2009

Good Bye 2008

I was rather busy last month with Lyra the puppy and decorating the house as well as cleaning it for the holidays. My mom, sister and boyfriend did make it here. They had some interesting snowy weather at the end of the drive but got here safely despite cars driving up the off ramp at the last rest area before they exited I-75.

Lyra seemed to adore them and they her. The first few nights she still slept in the crate but by Christmas Eve I had put the puppy on mom's bed and those 2 slept happily together the rest of the visit. My sister and I and the 3 pups walked in the woods a lot and Lyra plowed through the deep snow with little trouble.

They're all back in MA tonight, having left Saturday morning. This time the weather was good for driving. I'm told Lyra has already torn up one of my sister's azalea bushes and attacked the snow shovel while sis's BF shoveled their way into the driveway.

I miss the little ball of fire.

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