Friday, December 12, 2008

Time Flies...

...when you're raising a puppy!

I hadn't realized it's been a month since my last post but the little dickens, now named Lyra (that's a constellation) has been quite a handful. Some of her antics include peeing on Luna's bed daily, following Luna and Rocket to Uncle Butch's house so that I have to fetch her back, and chewing up everything in sight. Perhaps next month I'll list some of the interesting items she's tasted.

But before I forget, here's a couple recent photos of her.

The wrestling photo is of her, Luna, and her great uncle Yogi. She really likes the big dogs but they would rather not be bothered with her. Luna is finally playing with her which makes Lyra extremely happy. I don't think Luna will have a problem when the puppy goes home with my mom and sister though.

Sounds like she's awake again, I have to go!

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