Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Chicken Coop

Did I mention I bought some chicks on my birthday? I ordered 14 straight run Buckeyes and 11 Golden Laced Wyandottes from a hatchery in Ohio. They're supposed to arrive July 30th, assuming the chickens cooperate. In the meantime I need a place to put them so Hal kindly started building me a coop. It's 6 x 8 feet with a shed roof.

The temperature was almost 90 that day, and the humidity was around 95 %. If it had hit 90 dgrees I would not have been able to prime the walls. As it was the latex paint was practically drying on the roller. Since this photo was taken the rest of the walls went up and I finished priming them yesterday. The OSB and rough sawn plywood soaked up nearly 2 gallons. I hope we can work on it again this weekend but we've had a lot of rain which makes it difficult. The smaller space in the bottom left corner is where a chicken door will be. There will be an identical one on the right bottom corner, too.

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Sara said...

It looks nice!