Tuesday, June 24, 2008

And Now I Have Only 3 Ducklings

After keeping them inside for a couple weeks to get bigger I let the momma duck and her 4 kids out. In the morning there were only 3 and no body. We figured raccoon or snapping turtle. A raccoon usually leaves body parts so I was leaning towards turtle. Hal built me a wire box trap that floats partially submerged to catch a snapper. After its float test my friend who is visiting heard a lot of buzzing and found the partial carcass of my missing black duck. It was only a few feet away but it was not there the day before. I think Luna may have found it and dragged it into the yard. We used what was left of the poor thing to bait the turtle trap. However, finding the body does point to raccoons, the head was completely missing.

We set the turtle trap in the pond yesterday and I set up a food baited barrel with a ramp near the pond. This morning there isn't anything caught. I am kayaking today so I am not letting the ducks out. When I do they are visiting the pond in daylight and then spending the rest of the day and night in the garage. They know it's still out there. Perhaps I'll have caught something by tomorrow.

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