Monday, December 28, 2015

The Power is Back On

Around 3:40 pm yesterday a neighbor called to say Mrs J's was on (he is her son-in-law and was over there because she at least had heat from the small generator Hal had brought over. He still hadn't. So Hal flipped the breakers and indeed there it was, enough electricity to power everything at once, very, very nice. Hot showers ensued shortly after.

The power company, Consumer's Energy informed us that our domicile and surrounding homes endured 3 days 11 hours and 55 minutes without the benefit of their power. I am just so thankful we bought that Westinghouse generator a few years ago after that summer outage.

One of my neighbors had called me at 7:30 am Saturday that the Alpena Home Depot was getting a shipment in of forty 6000 watt generators and was up there waiting for them. As this outage was so widespread to leave nearly 140,000 powerless I suspect they sold out very quickly. He was most happy when I saw him later that day sitting his living room, still in his jacket and hat, with his dog, Oz, while this house slowly warmed up from the 44 degrees it had dropped down to.

Tonight we are under a storm warning. One to three inches of snow, up to 1/10th an inch of ice and winds around 23 mph. Winds like that with gusts of 55-60 mph dropped trees all over the power lines. Hopefully, there won't be big gusts, though maybe most of the risky trees have already come down.

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