Wednesday, October 28, 2015

It's Raining, a Lot

Rained all night, or at least it started sometime after midnight. Still raining, get a nice howling wind now and then. Looks like it will be raining most of the day. Ziggy stuck his head out the door and said hell no. I don't believe they will go out unless I do and I'm not planning on it for a while yet and it's nearly 10 am. will be a short walk at any rate, just long enough for them to do their business. I haven't even gone out to feed the chickens yet.

My ear is much better than it was, still some residual pain, will be using the drops for a few more days. Treating the other ear as well now as it's been itching and that's usually a sign of things going badly.

Rooster seems perkier again, too, but his left ankle looks nasty so after I get dressed and am wearing protective clothing I'll see if I can grab him and treat that leg again. I'm expecting him to be a little more ornery this time.

Finally got back to crocheting yesterday, this shawl I started in May for Hal's sister has been languishing all summer and I only have 4 rows to go, but this one is complicated, requires lots of checking as I go and as it's a very wide and deep shawl the rows are very, very long. If I finish this one by Sunday (today is Wednesday) I will be surprised.

Back to work now.

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