Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Still Smokin'

With the white electric smoker and the larger brown oven electric smoker Hal built out for me, I have smoked bratwurst several times, a whole chicken once, salmon, and lots of ribs. The other day Hal tried a ham roast his dad gave him as well as some cod. Tomorrow we plan on smoking 2 pork shoulder butts to make into pulled pork for the weekend. Usually I just threw a butt into a slow cooker which is pretty dang tasty. I'm hoping smoking will make it even tastier.

The butts have been marinating since yesterday while thawing in the refrigerator. Tonight we will apply a dry rub, I'm using the one I made and have used before on ribs and salmon, Hal plans on making his own. Looks like we'll have competing butts.

Here's a photo of the ribs we made the other day. The curved one in front is the baby back and the one in the back is St Louis style. They were both very good though we preferred the baby backs this time. It was the first time we'd done baby backs.
And here is the salmon, two kinds, I think the left was sockeye, and the one on the right was orange and pricier. extremely good.

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