Monday, April 13, 2015

The Official Outdoor Veggie Garden Has Been Started

For the past 2 days I dug up and smoothed out a couple sections in my original vegetable garden. I also pulled up all the fencing around the one just north of it that I had been calling the hutch run garden. It never amounted to much so no great loss. Hal is planning on putting his sugar shack there sometime this year. However he scooped up what little topsoil there was as well as the spot in between the 2 gardens where the actual hutch used to stand (lots of composted chicken poop there) and dumped it behind the original garden which gets more sun. He also chopped up the weeds there using the bucket of his tractor. I did start digging out the roots but that is going to take days of work.

Yesterday I planted 2 varieties of snow peas: Oregon Giant (the whole packet of 54 seeds) and Dwarf White Sugar, half the 2 ounce packet. Today I planted the entire packet of Carouby de Maussane, 63 seeds total. There were 64 but one escaped. I've planted the French one every year for a number of years now and I'm pretty sure I've had Oregon Giant before. usually I have dwarf gray, not sure about this dwarf white. I think it's the first time for that one, I bought it from Park Seed. The others from Pinetree in Maine.

There is a good rain out there right now which is great for the peas. Yesterday's high was 73 and the low was probably in the 40s. The temps are finally evening out into a nice spring like weather pattern.

In the basement my tomatoes sprouted and already are getting their first real leaves. Only one seed failed to sprout. My hollyhocks are only germinating at around 25% so I planted more queeny purple and halo mix today. Be moving these to 3" peat pots in a couple of weeks.

In two more weeks I think I will plant the rest of the snow peas.

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