Thursday, November 20, 2014

Yooper Vacation Day 2, Tahquamenon Falls State Park

After Whitefish Point Hal and I headed on over to see the falls that we'd visited several years earlier but which I don't really remember except for mosquitoes and taking a ferryboat to the location. We had to buy mosquito repellent on the boat and then had to walk from the boat down a series of ramps/stairs to the falls. The guy walking in front of me had no shirt on and was covered in mosquitoes but I don't remember seeing the falls at all. Very weird.

This time we drove to lower Tahquamenon Falls first, parked by the gift shop/park station and followed the trail to various lookouts.

Then we walked further up the river to Upper Tahquamenon Falls.

On the way we met several people walking back saying we'd just missed a kayaker go deliberately over the falls. Apparently there were 3 of them doing this since Labor Day. (This was the day after). However, they were not done and we got to see 3 of them do it. I managed to get shots of the blue one.

Here is a shot of the falls showing the scale of the drop. The kayaker at the base is the one I missed. We were further away when I took these shots.

 Here is the third kayaker we saw take the plunge.
It was a very fun part of our trip. When we got back to the parking lot we decided to have supper at the Tahquamenon Falls Brewery at Camp 33 which butted right up to the park buildings. Apparently there was an old logging site (camp 33) not owned by the state and the brewery bought it and built a very large nice brew pub. I had whitefish. It was very tasty. The beer was pretty good, too. If I remember the name I'll post it. I think it was called Sundog or something similar.

And here is one more shot of Hal because I can't get enough of those. Walking up the stairs from the upper falls.

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