Tuesday, November 26, 2013

I Still Like My Car!

Been almost a month and I realize I haven't posted any more photos of my new used car. So here are a couple I took earlier this month.
The cargo area is nice and large, plus a piece comes out of the floor to become a shelf, or cover to hide things. I even found an inexpensive large dog bed in the color gray that fits very well.
The interior is very clean and has lots of buttons. The usual power windows, heated seats, powered driver seat, cd player and I can even have xm radio if I want to spend the money.
And a nice photo on a sunnier day. Luna had to get in the picture, too. And as you can see, it is indeed, purple.

I've also been toying with names for my car. I've only ever named 2 of my vehicles. My very first car was a brown Honda Civic and I named it Spiny Norman. And of course, my beater truck was Bruce. For my Equinox, Sid was suggested by Hal's sister. Oddly, it was one of the names suggested in an online naming program I tried. I was going with Dark Star for a while. Hal suggested the Midnight Rider but I don't care for it. I went with Loki for a few days, my favorite bad boy from the Avengers. But do I really want to name my car after the master of mischief? That seems to be asking for trouble, although the battery was stone dead the day I tried to drive home. Martin, as in Purple Martin, was another very, very brief thought. But the other day I think the right name finally presented itself; Roranicus, loyal, steadfast, protective. Seems perfect, I'll have to try it out for a while, see what my car thinks.

But I think Rory is cool.


Mickey said...

Great car choice! I've read your car shopping adventure, and I believe that this is, indeed, the car for you. It's a spacious car, perfect for family outings and joyrides. Months have passed now. I hope you're able to take good care of this car. Don't forget to schedule regular maintenance! :)

Mickey Doshi @ JimAndJacks

Sarah Erwin said...

Your list of car names are endless! Haha! I think Rory is a cool name. But whatever you call that car, what’s important is its performance in your road trips. Equinox is a perfect combination of a car's fuel economy and the versatility of an SUV rolled in one stylish crossover. :)

Sarah Erwin @ Baldwin Subaru