Sunday, February 10, 2013

Christmas 2012

As seems to be usual I've neglected my blog for months. So here are 4 photos from Christmas 2012, as usual without people in them. But lots and lots of dogs! Here is our tree. My younger sister pretty much decorated the whole thing herself and did a fine job. We agreed it was probably one of the best trees ever. It's a blue spruce Hal and sister's BF cut down and brought home from the hunting land.
I put it in a different location than previous years. This is where the dining room table used to be. That is now in the front of the house by the picture window. We rearranged the entire great room to make a better home theater experience. I'll have to post about that in a later post.
We got away from buying lots of gifts this year and only had Santa fill the stockings. I think we had a better time than usual. Sometimes less really is more.
And here we have Luna, in front, Lyra on the right and Ziggy with the Zigster's new fishy tug toy having a 3 way tug of war. At some point they removed the rope. I have no idea where it ended up.
Lyra and Ziggy with a stick. They played with lots of sticks. We went for lots of walks. They seemed to have a really good time and we were together for about 3.5 weeks.
I tried to get a nice photo of my pups in front of the tree. Generally, every photo showed them looking, bored, sleepy, annoyed or disdainful of the entire process. Perhaps I did not offer enough goodies. I also need to work on my camera set up.

So this wasn't much of an update, but there ya go.

Wait! In case you hadn't seen enough dog photos, here is one more!

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