Friday, April 13, 2012

More Stress of the Chicken Kind

They say bad news comes in threes, I shall take both cars needing major repairs in 3 weeks as number 2, (I'd hate to think there was still something bad coming) and number 3 was a chick found dead on Sunday morning. I figured it was an accident, squashed by the other 25 when her foot got caught in the wire floor, but Monday morning another of the same breed, my Golden Buffs was ill. I Took her out and placed her in a box with her own heat and water. She did drink a lot and ate a bit but she mainly sat on her belly not a sign of a healthy chick which should be standing and running around. Later that day another female GB became ill and joined her. It died a few hours later, then a male GB became ill and died Tuesday morning, leaving that lone female. She finally died Tuesday afternoon.

Their legs became paralyzed, they were lethargic and in the end gasping. Looked like the description for Marek's disease. The whole batch were vaccinated for it so I really don't know if it was a reaction to the vaccine or just a coincidence, I am not a veterinarian so who knows. However it's now 3 days later and no other chicks have become ill so hopefully this crisis has passed.

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