Monday, March 19, 2012

It's Still Winter?

It is until tomorrow when the vernal equinox arrives. However, for the past few days we have been enjoying extremely unseasonably warm weather.  Summer, in fact has been upon us for about a week now. I should have kept better track when this heat wave arrived. Yesterday it hit 79, currently it's 75 and rising, and it could be nearly 90 by Wednesday. Average temperature for today is 38. This is very, very weird.

I've been digging in my garden. I planted snow peas yesterday, I'll plant more today when I dig out more weeds. I even took the temperature of the soil and a foot down it's 49.8 degrees Fahrenheit. I should have been hitting frozen ground, but the frost is gone.

I'm not sure how the dogs are liking it, they still haven't shed their winter coats, Ziggy being a black dog seems especially lethargic for a one year old puppy. Right now they're laying next to me in the shade. And where am I? I am stretched out in my deck chair, looking at my still frozen pond, sipping a lemonade while the guineas roam around the yard. The ducklings are also outside with their mom though still inside the pen. Ducklings you say? I have been negligent, they hatched about March 9th. There are 9 of them and they are finally showing some pin feather on their wings. Here is a photo I took yesterday, the first day all 9 have been outside the coop.
I suppose I should get back to digging in the garden, or washing or cleaning out the garage perhaps, but I'm finding it much more enjoyable to be doing this:
 After all, sipping lemonade on the deck in northern Michigan in March, well, that should be enjoyed as long as possible!

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