Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Here's My New Puppy!!

Well, after talking with Hal, I emailed the shelter Sunday night and Joe from the shelter called me the next morning. Before 1 pm Aunt Judy, Luna and I headed to Tawas City, MI. First we hit Wal-Mart and bought puppy chow, (same thing the shelter was feeding) then we went to the Iosco County shelter and attempted to figure out which of 7 rambunctious brothers and 1 extra 3 month old lab puppy would be lucky enough to come home with me. I don't think I played with all 7 brothers, I know the first one I pulled out was the 3 month old because he was a full blooded black lab and twice the size of the little ones. Some of them were very yappy so I didn't try too hard to play with them. At one point all 8 got out of the pen and ran up and down the hallway. It was not easy stuffing them back into the kennel.

Generally, I had 2 at a time in the playroom, settled on 2 and brought Luna in to see whom she liked. She didn't want anything to do with any of them, she backed right out of her collar to escape from the mayhem. I think the one I picked was pretty much one of the first I tried. He seemed very friendly and liked to snuggle with Aunt Judy while I was exchanging puppies. I am so glad she came with me because the only worker at the shelter said he had to stay up front so was no help at all.

I paid my $35, then we went to the vet on the way home and Dr King pronounced him a healthy, chunky handsome man. He got wormed and we finally got home around 6 pm. When we finally put him in the crate and went to bed he began howling and yapping so I had to drag the crate into the master bedroom before he would settle down. He then kept us up most of the night hacking and coughing and I suspected kennel cough but last night he was much better so I've got my fingers crossed he'll keep improving.

Luna also seems to be enjoying the new puppy much sooner than Rocket enjoyed being around Luna. Perhaps it's because they're closer in age, 2 months vs 5.5 years instead of 2 months vs 8 years. Or Luna is just less reserved than Rocket was. At any rate, it's good to see them play together.

Since then it's been up and down and in and out hold me, feed me, let me hump your leg. He's a cute little devil. As for his name, I'm still hovering between Comet, Boomer and Ziggy. He was Comet most of yesterday but I'm not feeling it, I think he's too small for Boomer and I'm liking the sound of Ziggy.

And Ziggy played guitar.

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Anonymous said...

What a cutie!
Congrats on the new puppy.