Sunday, October 24, 2010

Good Time Downstate!

Spent a few days downstate last week with Hal's sister. We'll call her Sal. She was between terms in nursing school and needed a few days to unwind as did I. We had a great time. We went shopping. (Imagine that!) Saw the movie Secretariat which we both enjoyed immensely. I remember watching those races live on TV. I loved that horse. Been a long time since I've really gotten interested in horse racing.

On Friday night we went with one of Sal's friends and one of our sisters-in-law to a mystery wine dinner at the Portofino in Wyandotte, MI right on the Detroit River. The restaurant has had several multiple course dinners before but this was the first one they had where both the food and wines served were a mystery to everyone except the chef and the sommelier. Every thing was fantastic! Five courses were served, first course had a champagne from Spain and a warm watermelon salad. Second course was a white wine from France and curried, grilled prawn. Hickory smoked duck was served with a red wine from Israel, and the 4th and main course was a gorgonzola stuffed filet mignon served with a cabernet sauvignon from Napa Valley, CA. Dessert was a toasted almond creme torte and a sweet white wine from Hungary called a Tokaji. We had the best time with 28 other guests that night. I loved everything.

Of course, the weekend had us shopping some more. Besides clothes, most of which I did not need but the sales were great, I also got more beads for the jewelry I've been making. Haven't made a lot yet, only 3 necklaces, but I enjoy it and they made great gifts.

On Sunday night we had home made Mexican food at yet another SIL's home, the one married to Hal's youngest brother. Their 3 children were there and their dog Bailey, a rat terrier and their newest puppy, Cutty, a 10 week old beagle. I'm afraid I played more with the puppy than the little kids.

The entire time I was there, 5 days and 6 nights we spent little time at home, we were constantly running around. Also wen to "Always Christmas" a holiday store in Lake Orion, as well as several different restaurants to eat. We didn't cook for ourselves at all. I'm hoping we can get together for another one of these visits in the future.

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