Monday, February 9, 2009

The February Thaw

Usually, the thaw happens in January. This year it stayed very cold (doesn't say much for the so-called global warming now called "climate change" by some in order to cover their asses, but let's not get me started on that). Saturday the temps here reached 50.1 and yesterday 40.1 Fahrenheit. We've had a lot of snow melt but fortunately it hasn't rained so we didn't get any flooding. I was able to let the chickens and guineas out to free range which they seemed to enjoy immensely. They especially liked the seed scattered under the bird feeder. Looks like the temps may reach 50 tomorrow, too. By Thursday though things will be back to normal with snow. Oh joy!

Still, it's February, we expect snow and I try to enjoy it because there ain't nothing I can do about it anyway. My neighbor, Mikey's owner, called from Florida last night and even they have been hit by 50 degree temps. Florida isn't all it's cracked up to be. I'm hoping I may get to visit there for a couple weeks this winter with one of my sisters-in-law but things beyond my control may keep that from happening. I'd like to visit Kennedy Space Center.

Luna is pacing about, she can't get anyone to play her, poor thing. I think she misses that annoying little puppy, Lyra at times. Rocket is still snoozing though he's already been outside. Yesterday I was able to clear a path to the lower gate in the fence and open it so he no longer has to walk up and down the stairs which is hard on his hips. Soon I will feed the birds and perhaps let them out to run around. It's only 23 at the moment but the sun is shining so I suspect the temps will rise soon. It's already risen 5 degrees since I got up at 8.

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