Thursday, August 14, 2008

More Keets Coming

Tomorrow, assuming the mail works correctly, I'll have replacement keets for the ones that died. I lost 10 of the 31 they shipped me and when I contacted them (while only 8 were deceased) I was told they'd send me 10. I expected to get a credit or refund because the website says they can only ship a minimum of 30. So either they're risking the 10 or sending extras. We've got the box set up tonight with the temperature already adjusted and it's big enough for extras should that happen. But if they really only send 10 I don't see how they can expect them all to survive when I lost a third of the first order. Still, that's better than the half lost from the other hatchery.

But as it stands now I have 21 keets in the dining room, 11 in the garage, 2 in the coop for a total of 35. Plus there's the 4 chickens in the coop and the 27 in the garage. This is way more birds than I bargained for. What was I thinking?!

In other news Hal and I (Hal mostly) rotated the duck pen 90 degrees in the garage for the ducklings to test it out. I lined the floor with plastic carpet runner and straw. We were able to block off the rest of the garage so now the ducks can only be in the pen or outside in the little fenced area. The garage is already feeling cleaner. Once I get the keets straightened out I can work on cleaning the garage floor of the excess straw, duck poop, etc. Then I can think about painting the duck pen the final coat. It's only primed so far, except for the back end which was inaccessible till Hal turned it around.

So much to do and so little time!

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