Friday, May 9, 2008

New Ducklings!

Two of the many eggs my runner duck is sitting on hatched over night. This morning there they were with "Momma" though neither of these are actually hers. The one on the left is a Rouen/Pekin cross. (Daddy is my Pekin 'l'Orange), and the other one is pure Rouen.

I'm still hearing cheeping so I'm hoping there will be more ducks hatching before the weekend is over.

Last week, 5 off the 15 eggs I gave my father-in-law hatched in his incubator. Four were the Rouen/Pekin cross and one pure Rouen. The very first one to hatch had curled under feet so I made him little plastic shoes to straighten them out. He wore them for about 4 days and now is walking fairly well. The middle toe of one foot looks broken and is healing crooked but he is managing.

Otherwise, my other 4 adult ducks, those who are the real parents are enjoying themselves daily on the pond. I have read the males could kill the ducklings so I will have to be watchful to ensure it doesn't happen.

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