Tuesday, September 18, 2018

More Kaylee and Ziggy Photos

Here are a few photos from the past week.

Kaylee loves Duckworth, Luna's toy she got last Christmas and the last toy she carried around (she loved to carry stuffed toys around) the day before I had to let her go. I am so glad Duckworth got adopted. Kaylee sleeps with him every night, too.

Since Ziggy became extremely unhappy being left alone when I took Kaylee to the build with me (she cannot be trusted to stay home alone uncrated yet.) I started taking him, too. When I am not helping Hal I try to pay attention to them and take them on short walks. They still get very bored.
 After a swimming retrieve at Bliss Lake yesterday, relaxing in the shallows.
We're done now, mom, we can go home.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Kaylee Learns to Swim!!

Kaylee and Ziggy have become friends. I'm not saying that she sometimes drives him a little nuts. She is only 13 weeks old and he is closing in on 8 years and is a bit grumpy at times, but for the most part they are getting along great. Lots of wrestling, chasing around, a little tug of war, and yesterday she watched Ziggy swim in the pond. I can only imagine what went through her head was that Ziggy was a magical friend.

Yesterday afternoon my friend Tom took Ziggy, Kaylee, me and his dog Joe to Bliss Lake which turned out to be only 10.5 miles or so from my house though I've never been in the 18 years I've lived here. It was in the deep woods, down seasonal sandy roads and was a lovely place with no one around. The whole idea was to teach Kaylee to swim.

Joe is an English cocker spaniel and he LOVES to retrieve and he LOVES the water. In fact he loves them best together and just charged into the lake over and over. The idea was for him to encourage Kaylee, I think he intimidated her more, instead she splashed around in the shallow parts and waited till he charged back out then jumped on his head.. We kept throwing the stick though and eventually she went out far enough to suddenly find herself off the bottom then panicked and turned around and came back. She was adorable.
Today Ziggy, Kaylee and I went back alone. I figured without Joe's distraction and with me actually wading into the water I might have better luck. I was right. I also brought a floating dog toy with a squeaker she had never seen before. Causing it to squeak got her interest, I tossed it, waded in and here is Kaylee's second attempt at swimming.
After this I just kept tossing and she kept retrieving. At one point Ziggy swam rather far out and she followed, then she seemed to realize where she was and abruptly turned about and headed back to shore.
And one last fairly far toss as I saw she could do it.
If the temperatures weren't dropping back from the 80s into the 60s we could go swimming again. OF course, I do have to also work on the house. Ah well.

Friday, August 31, 2018

Iceberg Ziggy is Melting

Yesterday morning Ziggy finally relented and suddenly he and Kaylee were rolling around on the floor like best pals. Must have lasted a good 5 minutes. It hasn't happened since but he lets her lay next to him and he licks her, lets her lick him. SHe likes to clean his ears the way Luna used to clean Rocket's. It's just great!

I managed to take some video of it.

Short House Update

It's not that Kaylee has caused work to stop on the house. For me there is nothing to do but mow the grass there. Hal has been on the roof of the bedroom wing joining the small gable to the main roof. Plus it's been raining a lot and it's hard to get anything done. He is hopefully getting some good work done today because the next 10 days show nothing but rain or thunderstorms every single day! It's usually dry in August but not this year and so far September is looking worse.

Here are closeups of the purlins and blocking he has been installing this past week.
blocking where the flashing will attach
the many short purlins attaching the gables to each other

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Ziggy Plays Rough!!

He decided to chase Kaylee around today and this time she didn't run far away, but it was really one sided. Every time Ziggy caught up he flipped her. Must have happened 3 times or more before she had enough and hid between my legs. He's got close to a 50 pound weight advantage so it's going to be a couple months before she has the confidence and the weight to enjoy that game.

But she's really good at entertaining herself. I fill the little ball with puppy food and she rolls it around eating her way merrily around the room, or in this case the hallway. But when no more comes out, she lets me know it!