Friday, November 9, 2018

It is Snowing

And I have a puppy.

Took me a minute to get my phone camera activated, but upon encountering the initial small accumulation  on the deck, Kaylee decided to eat it and ate her way across. She has since run in and out of the doggie door and jumped onto my lap. Presently she is chewing on things next to Ziggy. The forecast is for 3-5 inches. Walking in it with her ought to be fun.

There was a dusting the other morning, but nothing as puppy entertaining as this. More photos will be forthcoming assuming she doesn't just ignore it.

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Kaylee is 5 Months Old Today

It's hard to get a decent photo when she's wrestling, as she was this afternoon with Seamus, the new dog next door. But later this evening I did manage to get this while she was sleeping. She is so cute, and getting so large!
5 months old and sleeping with her tongue out
Seamus and Kaylee slightly paused in wrestling
Seamus is a border collie, blue heeler mix adopted by my neighbor from the local shelter nearly 3 weeks ago. Ziggy and he became fast friends and wrestled like maniacs, keeping Kaylee from joining in due to her size. In less than 3 weeks she is big enough to keep up and poor Ziggy's bad back is keeping him sidelined.

Building Is Done for the Year

Hal has said "enough". I can't blame him because it's only 39 degrees outside and it's gloomy, we've had sleet today, winds are up and down, and this sort of weather has been on and off since the 2 sheets of steel we put up last month. However, we did manage to get two more sheets up on the north side of the house on November 1. Certainly not what we hoped to have done by the end of the year, but you can't control the weather.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

A Doggie Door!

It only took us 18 years, and after putting the house up for sale to get around to it, but today Hal built an insert for the sliding door for the doggie door that arrived yesterday. We had to build an insert as the door is not standard so none of the premade ones would fit. It's not pretty but it should do the job assuming Ziggy and Kaylee figure it out. (And just after I typed that Ziggy came to the door and we called and he pushed through! YAY, Ziggy.) We've gotten Kaylee to go through a few times with much encouragement but it needs to become a way of life.
test fitting
preparing the space
the door with the cover plate
The finished doggie door

A Couple More Small Pieces of Roof

Sunday and Monday we managed to get 2 more pieces onto the bedroom wing, aka the reverse gable. Sunday was chilly and breezier than the forecast but the first piece was small so we managed. Much nicer weather the next day, 55F and sunny. It made working outside so much nicer. Hopefully we can get 2 more on tomorrow. We have one already cut and drilled and the second one cut and marked for drilling.
Monday one piece in that corner
Hal preparing the roof for more